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Speed Gates - SpeedStile EP:

This award-winning range with elliptical casework designed with acrylic wings gives an exclusive impression for all entrances. The combination of security, design, reliability and fast operation makes this product range suitable for many applications.
Bi-parting gate.

Standard and Optional Features:

- Elliptical design.
- Delivered with cobalt blue painted polyurethane as standard.
- Alternative colours, finishes and designs chosen as options.
- Casework length (N/C) 1420 mm or (N/O) 1900 mm with 550 mm clear walkway.
- Clear acrylic wings.

- Hands-free, no contact operation.
- User-friendly with high flow-capacities.
- Reliable function.
- Passage in both directions electronically controlled.
- Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) mode.
- Signal from access control system or pushbutton opens gate.
- Sophisticated sensors detects unauthorised entry or tailgating.
- Status lights (LED display) within lid top face.
- Compatibility towards most cardreader systems, code or biometrics devices.

Office / Bank / Finance / Airports / Metros / Railways
Telecommunications / IT / Stadia / Leisure / Education

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