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Descriptive text: Executive Security is a specialist in the field of Access Control offering a complete design and installation package that can be applied to each individual client requirement.

From small systems consisting of access control for 3 or 4 doors, ranging up to multi-site high security, Executive Security will design a system that provides an individual solution for each client.

Executive Security’s experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets with the objectives of what the client expects from their Access Control system both now and in the foreseeable future.

Executive Security does not rely on any one supplier of Access Control products; instead we concentrate on finding the best systems and the most reliable suppliers.

We offer a wide range of systems, using proximity, card swipe and Biometric (fingerprint & retena) technology, all of which can be integrated into the main Access Control Software & Hardware.

Call us now on (01) 295 3363

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